About us


Quality through experience


ReNOVA Surgical UK Ltd are partnered with Integrated Medical Systems International™
A global leader in surgical device repair.
With this partnership ReNOVA Surgical and IMS ready bring an unsurpassed level of quality and technical expertise to all UK Hospitals.


We maintain quality, speed and efficiency during the repair process.
ReNOVA ensures that the entrusted surgical device is repaired back to full working function in a timely fashion.
Our capability is market leading.
By working closely with Hospitals we ensure:
– Long term measurable reduction in Hospital spend across devices
– Reduced overall turnaround times for repairs
– End user education ensuring devices stay in full working condition for longer.


All of our repairs and parts are conducted fully to industry standards and we strive to aim higher than these where possible.
We look forward to working with you.
ReNOVA Surgical Team